The polydraulics package is a software development kit for many-substance hydraulic network simulation.

A brief overview of capabilities can be found here:
Polydraulics Overview (PDF)

For more information, please contact us at info@polydraulics.nl.

The Hydraulic Ram Pump

Imagine a large supply of water, like a reservoir lake. This reservoir is at an altitude of say, 200m. Suppose we want to transport some of this water to a higher altitude, say 400m. Using a ram pump, it is possible to do so without an external power supply.


The ram pump uses the water hammer phenomenon to create pressures which exceed the supply head.

  1. Water flows freely through a pipe into a lower area. This is the waste flow.
  2. By closing a control valve on this flow, a sudden pressure surge is created.
  3. The pressurized water is diverted into an upward canal through a check valve.
  4. Once the pressure surge has subsided, the control valve will reopen to let the pipe flow re-emerge.
  5. The check valve prevents the water in the upward canal from flowing back down.
  6. Repeat...


Using polydraulics, a simulation of a ram pump was created. In the simulation, a buffer tank was added to stabilize the upward flow. For a short animation, please follow this link:
Ram Pump Simulation (AVI)